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Museums, history of Baja
Museums, history of Baja


…”the town of water and flavours”… Town with about 40,000 residents of several nationalities 160 km form Budapest on the bank of the Danube and Sugovica with the forests of Gemenc in the vicinity. The cultural centre of the area. Sights: Renaissance Town Hall, Baroque Franciscan church, Baroque Big Serbien Church with a superb iconostas, a synagogue, classicist Calvary chapel, late Baroque and early classicist Saint Peter and Paul church, Trinity square of a Mediterranean atmosphere, the exhibition of fishing of the István Türr Museum, István Nagy Art Gallery, Bunyevác traditional house. The backwaters and the shady riversides are ideal for swimming and angling. A port of passenger ships and a port of yachts await those who arrive on water. You can go on pleasant trips by pleasure boat in the nearby Gemenc, which is the largest catchment area covered by forests, water and meadows and which is the home of several protected plants and animals.

Every year a programme called the ’Mer-ry making of Baja’- „The celebration of fish soup in the capital city of fish soup” is held in the town and on Petőfi-island on the second Saturday of July, where the famous fish soup cooked in 2000 kettles.

Some sights in Baja:

City Hall: The Baroque City Hall on the Renaissance style Szentháromság tér (Holy Trinity Square) by the Sugovica, a dead branch of the Danube, was once the residence of the Grassalkovich family. When the city gained its independence from large landowners in 1862, the building became a city property. It was refashioned in the Neo-renaissance style in 1896, the 1000 anniversary of the Conquest of the Hungarians, as marked by a plaque in the foyer.

Orthodox Parish Church of Saint Nicholas: Two of the three churches of the ethnic Serbs in Baja are still standing, inculding the oldest one, dedicated to Saint Nicholas. It was remodelled in the late Baroque style in 1779, hence the cable pattern mouldings on the front gable and the ornamental pillars of the Ionic orders. Amongst the treasures that survived the wear and tear of time are the iconoctasis, the bishop’s seat and paintings by the the Belgrade icon painter A.Teodorovit, dating from 1793. The church is open from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Visists for other days can be booked at phone number (00 36) 79/423-199

Ady Endre City Library (Synagogue): The city library housed in Baja’s most splendid architectural gem: the late Neoclassical synagogue, built in 1845, and in a wing that once was a home for elderly Jews. The interior of the synagogue id divided into nave and two aisles by the women’s gallery that runs parallel to the sides. The nave has a painted vault. Opposite the entrance, in a niche in the wall, there is the Ark, with the Tables of the Law depicted as descending from clouds of smoke. The library possesses 180,000 volumes, and it has the largest single collection, comprising 4,350 volumes, of old books in Hungary. Its most precious incunabula includes the first full edition of the Great Encyclopedia of Diderot and D’Alembert, and it also treasures the Bible once owned by the Hungarian poet Endre Ady.

Open: Monday through Thursday: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m., Friday: 10 a.m. – 6.p.m. Saturday: 8 a.m.- 12 a.m. Tel: (00 36) 79/322-741 (Munkácsy street 9.)

Baja and surroundings:


The thermal baths of Nagybaracska, 15 km south of Baja, has waters of 36 C° with mineral contents of hydrogencarbonate, chloride and fluoride, and is recommended for locomotive disorders.

6527 Nagybaracska, Mohácsi street 1.



The Dávod-Püspökpuszta Baths, 20 km south of Baja, are recommended for rheumatic disorders, drinking cure for dental problems.

6524 Dávod, Béke Square 1. Tel: (00 36) 79/481-301



Wine-growing has a few hundred years’ tradition in the southern part of the Bács-Kiskun country. This fact is confirmed by numerous documents dating from the 1700s which urged the inhabitants with German origin on grapegrowing. Hajós, labelled the international town of grape and wine has excellent soil and climatic features. More than thousand wine-press houses ara built nearby wine cellars with loess walls, offering a capivating show and pleasant relaxation for the visitors of these places. www.hajos-kozseg.hu

Hajós-Baja Wine Region:

This wine regions is one of the Burgs of the wine tourism. The wine cellar row in Hajós is long known, it not only shows a superb picture, but attracts also with its wines not only Hungarians, but thousands of visitors from abroad. The fine, full-bodied red wines of this wine region are well demanded. Their role in the gastronomy is full employed with combining the Hungarian ans Swabian cuisine flavours. The establishing of the Wine Route Association supports the learning of the wines of this wine region, as well as the demonstration of the nature beauties. The domestic and foreigner visitors receive a magnificent experience. It was from this region, in Baja, that the country’s first Wine Order (Pax Corporis) was created.


6500 Baja, Szentháromság tér 5.

Tel: (00 36) 79/420-792

E-mail: baja@tourinform.hu

www.bajavaros.hu , www.hungary.com

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