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Active holidays
Active holidays

Excursion by the Gemenc Forest Train

Half day programme: (working day - between 01 May and 31 October)

13.30 Departure of the Gemenc Forest Train from Pörböly.

13.54 Lassi station: playground, fire place, rain cover

14.15 Malomtető station with the guidance of information signs: studypath (starting and arrival point the same), bird watching tower.

14.25 Gyöngyösoldal station.

14.30 Departure back to Pörböly by mini train.

15.25 Arrival to Pörböly station. An exhibition introducing Gemenc Forest and an apicultural exhibition can be found in Pörböly. A youth hostel of class A, a conference room for 100 people and a restaurant are avaible at preliminary request in the Forest School, at a distance of 200 m from the forest rail station. Rental bicycles with guide and horse-drawn carriages are offered to groups.

Whole day programme: (every day - between 01 May and 31 October)

8.10 Departure of the Gemenc Forest train from Pörböly.

10.10 Arrival to Bárányfok station.

15.40 Departure back to Pörböly by mini train and arrival 17.16

The Gemenc Forest Train departs from Pörböly station 10 km from Baja which can be approached by car, by coach or train across the Danube bridge. The station of the Gemenc Forest Train (tel: 06-74/ 491-483) can be found about 250-300 metres away from the train and coach stop in Pörböly

Information on the current time tables of buses and trains for Pörböly can be obtained at the Baja telephone numbers below: Bus Station: 06-79/ 321-791; Train Station: 06-79/ 321-645, 06-40/494949

Toilet, lavatory: Pörböly, Lassi, Malomtelelő, Gemenc-Danube Side, Keselyűs and Bárányfok.

Further Information:

Gemenc Zrt.

7142 Pörböly, Bajai út 100.

Tel/fax: (00 36) 74/491-483

E-mail: kisvasut@gemencrt.hu



Pleasure-boat Trip on the Danube into Gemenc Forest, And an Excursion by the Forest Rail

Departure: In 2007, the pleasure-boat starts at 9.45 a.m. each Saturday between May 05 and October 06, and each Wednesday and Saturday between July 05 and August 23, provided that at least 20 people book for the trip in advance.

Place of Departure: Baja, IV. Károly rakpart (IV. Károly Quay) – Danube Bank, River-harbour of Gemenc Rt; parking facilities for buses, coaches and passenger cars.

Programme: After a pleasant passage from Baja Harbour (1480 km River Post), we reach the Passenger Dock at the right side of the Danube, at the 1495 km River Post. This place is also a stop of the forest rail between Gemenc and the Danube, leading into the area of the National Park in two directions:

1. Going by train in the direction of Pörböly, which is located 20 km away, the tourists can meet with the followings: a training path in the forest from the Malomtelelő Stop, a relaxation park at the Lassi Stop with wooden toys, benches, tables, open-air fire places, and a cover for 100 people in case it rains. A museum introducing the Gemenc Forest, the Exhibition of Apiculture, an open-air school, eating and accommodation facilities await the tourists in Pörböly.

2. Arriving at Bárányfok, which is 12 km away from Gemenc – Danube Side, we can visit the Training Path of Ecology or the Gemenc Excursion Centre, and eating and accommodation facilities can also be found there.

Arrival: At the end of the programme, the pleasure-boat arrives at Baja around 15.45 p.m.

Features of the Pleasure-boat:

The pleasure-boat named Sió can offer pleasant relaxation for 45 people. A buffet offers cool drinks on the ship during the excursion.


• For adults: if booked in advance: HUF 3100 per person;

on the day of departure: HUF 3700 per person

• For children under 14: if booked in advance: HUF 2420 per person;

on the day of departure: HUF 3000 per person

Hiring of Boat Outside of the Programme: After a preliminary agreement, the pleasure boat can be hired on the above-mentioned days, as well as on other days, for at least 20 persons.

Hire Money: gross HUF 27,500.- per hour. Waiting fee: gross HUF 7,700.- per hour

Information and Tickets:

Gemenc Rt. Forest Rail

7142, Pörböly, Bajai út 100.

Tel/fax: (00 36) 74/491-483

E-mail: setahajo@sugolan.hu Web: www.gemencrt.hu


Szeremlei-Holt-Duna – You can find this trail in Pandúr island. About two hours are necessary to see it. The length of the road is 2 km

Vajas-Torok Studytrail – It is being developed 15 km north of the city Baja on the dam of the Danube River. Because the dam is also a marked cycle-path , the trail can be reached easily by bike either form Baja or Érsekcsanád. Is shows the so-called Vajas Canal, which formerly played an important role in water transport.The recently repatriated beavers have found their ideal habitat around here. The trail with a lookout tower will be open form summer 2002 can be visited freely.

Holt-Duna Studytrail of Nyék (Pörböly) – The trail starts by road 55, approx, one km form the terminus of the Gemenc narrow-gauge railway at Pörböly. It leads visitors to one of the strictly protected backwaters of the Danube. The boards give informations ont the development, plants and on the nature protection activities. The study-rail can be visited freely.

Vodica studytrail – It is between Baja and Bátmonostor. It is a pilgrim place. About thirty minutes are necessary to see it.

Information: (00 36) 79/322-382


Duna-Dráva National Park Directorate

Tel: (00 36) 72/517-200


„Remény” Riding School – Baja


• Horseriding

• Carriage riding

• Riding tours in fall and in spring

• Tuition

• Camps for children in summer

• Hyppotherapy


• 5 rooms, 24 beds (from May 01- to September 30)

Prices: children 2.000 HU Ft /person/night, adults 2.500 HU Ft /person/n

Other programmes:

• tennis

• football, basketball

• beachball

• archery

Prices for riding:

• Children 2.000 HU Ft, adults 2.500 HU Ft


György Erika: 06-30/6898-728 (english)

Address: Baja, the end of Szivárvány street

E-mail: remenytanya@freemail.hu


Bicycle Tour Recommendations in and around Baja

1. Short tours along the Danube (40 km)

- To the north: Baja – Érsekcsanád Rév brasserie (accomodation and catering) National Park presentation site (fishing tools) – study path of Vajas Torok – tourist house in Ósükösd (accomodation, horseriding).

- To the south: Baja, Deák sluice – Sugovica in Szeremle, summer dike – Szeremle – Dunafalva – Baja.

Sights, places of interest:

- Embankment in Érsekcsanád: dike guard house built around a tree.

- Baja: Deák Ferenc Sluice Museum, Szeremlei u. 81. Tel.: 06-30/901-6699 (can be visited with prior appointment).

- Dunafalva: ruins of Roman stronghold; church yard; memorial tablet of Lajos II., country lodgings and catering.

2. Whole day tour with roaming in Gemenc


Baja – Érsekcsanád – Danube bridge in Szekszárd or ferry crossing available in Fajsz. On the Transdanubian part along the river bank dike as far as the resting site in Keselyűs – 60 km (catering).

From Keselyűs 5 km towards Szekszárd: - Touring Center and Museum of Bárányfok; study path; mini train stop (accomodation, catering, toilet). Information telephone numbers: 06-74/ 312-552, 06-74/ 410-151, 06-30/ 420-7010, 06-20/ 910-8581.

From Keselyűs 20 km towards Pörböly: - Mini train stop in Pörböly, study path, resting site (toilet).

From Pörböly 10 km towards Baja: - We recommend the trains of MÁV instead of the busy 55 main road. The ttransport of bicyckles is also possible

From Pörböly 40 km towards Báta: - Dunaszekcső-Dunafalva (ferry, country catering) – Szeremle - Baja

From Dunaszekcső towards Mohács 50 km: study path of Újmohács – Karapancsa – Homorúd – Nagybaracska (thermal baths; catering) – Dávod (spa; camping site; holiday house).

Bicycle rent possibilities in Baja

Rausch bicycle shop and service station: Baja, Czirfusz Ferenc u. 4. Tel: (00 36) 79/ 325-336

Open: Mon-Fri 9-17, Sat 9-12

Duna Wellnes Hotel***: Baja, Szentháromság tér 6. Tel: (00 36) 79/324-844, 323-224

* You can ride a bike along any of the flood protection dikes without restriction.

** Tour organization, guiding in Gemenc at any time upon request with any of the above routes. Information: Péter Kammermann, 06-30/ 377-3383.

*** For bicycle tours we always recommend proper clothing and the use of mosquito deterrent.

The programme organized by, free maps and brochures:

Tourinform-Baja, Szentháromság tér 5.

Tel/fax: 06-79/ 420-792

E-mail: baja@tourinform.hu

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